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Postby oliver » Fri Mar 11, 2011 3:57 pm

Folder containing RPL and JavaScript functions from various calculator challenges and/or benchmarks.

Results are discussed in the HP comparison doc

If you want the details, check out the original discussions:

sort (HHC 2010 Odd-Even sort challenge): [url] ... ead=176088[/url]

N4 (4-consecutive Niven):


strPerm (String permutation):
Note: ND1 has a built-in command to accomplish the same. Try "ABCDEF" permutate. It also works on vectors.

FibTriangle (Fibonacci Triangle):
and, of course, ND1's own tutorial

If you have a challenge or benchmark to add, do so, upload your copy, and send me a personal message stating your Sharing ID (viewable in the Settings app), and I'll add it to this shared folder.
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