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Submitting Shared Data

Postby oliver » Sat May 01, 2010 4:21 pm

If you have data that you'd like to share with other ND1 users, go into the folder containing the data and upload it via Sharing | Upload, with the 'Visible to the Public' (German: 'Sichtbar für Alle') switch set to ON, and then announce it here.

An announcement should contain the name of the folder you're sharing and a description of its contents.
Please make sure the folder name you're announcing matches the one of your upload.

If you're adding to an existing folder and don't want to make an announcement, please send me a personal message and I do this on your behalf.

While optional, it's great if you can provide meta-data in the notes field as discussed in the "Shared Folder Uploading" section of

We will take a quick look at your folder and proceed to publish it.

Thank you for participating. And extra thanks for sharing!
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