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Postby SamyBean » Fri Jul 13, 2012 8:15 pm

I have just uploaded some simple conversion functions to this site under the folder name "Convert" because it's nice to have them handy all the time. This folder includes the following keys:

℃➜℉ (Celcius to Fahrenheit)
㎏➜lb (kilogram to pound)
oz➜g (ounce to gram)
㎞➜mi (kilometer to mile)
㎝➜㏌ (centimeter to inch)
galC➜ℓ (Canadian/UK gallon to litre)
galU➜ℓ (US gallon to litre)
ml➜ozC (ml to Canadian/UK fluid oz)
ml➜ozU (ml to US fluid oz)
NM➜㎞ (Nautical Mile to km) **
NM➜mi (Nautical Mile to Statute Mile)

**[I had to use a different formula for the keys referencing "Nautical Mile [nmi]" as the current conversion in ND1 is incorrect]**

I know that this can be done using the built-in "convert" key but this makes it easier because you only need to enter the starting quantity and then press the appropriate key. I also chose to leave the units that have been converted to displayed on stack #1 as this is a reminder of what is being displayed. If you need to continue to convert the result, just "DROP" stack # 1 and continue.
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