Contribute, and get ND1 for free!

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Contribute, and get ND1 for free!

Postby oliver » Fri Oct 22, 2010 2:35 pm

Here's your ticket to a free copy of ND1: Contribute with shared data or a translation (

What and how to contribute?

The "what" part is entirely up to you. There's a bunch of shared folders available (see, which could provide a starting point, or ideas.

Your contribution could be adding data or code to an existing collection (more units for Units, another constant for APConstants, another benchmark test for Challenges), or creating a new folder with, say, new math functions, a formula collection, a matrix writer, a solver, a new data type, a charting type. JavaScript is preferred, but RPL might be just fine for the job, too. You could create a formula collection, demonstrate cool use of the canvas object, etc. Anything useful, or cool-to-behold, for other ND0 and ND1 users.

With v1.3, ND1 is now able to run many hp 50g programs. You could dig into the public domain archives and make interesting functionality available to fellow users.

A list of project ideas is here

Your work should reflect having worked on it at least a couple of hours.

You're more than welcome to contact me before you get to work to discuss your idea, or ask how something might be done.

Once you have something to contribute, upload it and shoot me a msg with the name of the folder you created or added to and your Sharing ID (obtainable from Settings | ND0). I'll reply with an iTunes redeem code for ND1.

Looking forward to your ideas and contributions!

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