Migrating your data to ND1

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Migrating your data to ND1

Postby oliver » Sat Oct 23, 2010 1:24 pm

If you decide that having an unlimited stack and unlimited folder downloads is worth the cost of ND1, here're the simple steps to move your data from ND0 to ND1:

(Assuming you have both ND0 and ND1 on your device.)

- Upload all folders in ND0. (In "My Data": Tap folder, tap Sharing, tap Upload. The data will be uploaded to a personal area (not visible to anyone but you) on our server.)
- Go into the Settings app, find ND0 and copy the Sharing ID.
- Still in the Settings app, find ND1 and paste your ID into its Sharing ID field.
- Launch ND1 and download all your folders. (In "My Data": Tap folder, tap Sharing, tap Download.) For folders you had created from scratch, this means manually re-creating the empty folders first, then downloading.

Done. You can now delete ND0.
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