Source Code for ND1 Functions

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Source Code for ND1 Functions

Postby Prairie » Sat Nov 05, 2016 4:08 pm

I'm sorry if this is a basic question, but is the source code for the implementation of calculator functions available? For Soft Key functions, its great that holding the key reveals the source code. How can I do this for other functions? For example, I was having trouble with the function 'repeat' for arrays and I wanted to look at it's implementation to understand how it was supposed to work.

More importantly, to really learn more about extending ND1, source code of it's core functions (as implemented in JavaScript, RPL or otherwise) would be of great benefit from a learning perspective.

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Re: Source Code for ND1 Functions

Postby oliver » Mon Nov 14, 2016 10:08 am

The source is currently not available.

I'd actually like to open source the engine (MorphEngine) and have a Web interface built around it, so that
a) the functionality would be available from the web
b) one would have a much more comfortable environment for writing functions (with Chrome debugger and all)

You'd be available to write functions on your computer and then use them in ND1 on your mobile device.

However, for this to happen, I need
a) time
b) find someone who's interested to work on the web interface

Can make no promises as to when, and if, this will happen.
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