What is MorphEngine?

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What is MorphEngine?

Postby oliver » Sat Jan 01, 2011 4:26 pm

MorphEngine is a calculator engine.

It powers ND0 and ND1, calculators for iPhone and iPod touch, and the upcoming CalcPad for iPad.
It's "type-rich" and supports the same data types as an HP-49/50g calculator, and more. There's the concept of a stack, RPN for an operational mode, and RPL. Its functionality is a mix of HP-28, HP-49 and new tech, with an eye toward full 50g compatibility in the future and many more unheard-of calculator features.

The engine is written in JavaScript, and many of its properties directly stem from the properties of this language.

JavaScript is a very dynamic language. It's interpreted, untyped, has objects, permits introspection, evaluation of code, and extending the scope chain of the language. MorphEngine makes extensive use of these features.
JavaScript is also fast (for an interpreted language) and stable.

More information about MorphEngine can be found at http://naivedesign.com/ND1/ND1_Reference.html.
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