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1.1 Update

Postby oliver » Fri Jun 04, 2010 5:13 pm

The ND 1.1 update has posted today.

This is a substantial update, which adds many new features to your calculator.

Important: Please tap "Definition", scroll to the bottom and tap 'Restore Calculator' to pick up new key definitions in soft-menus.
This is a necessary manual step because we never overwrite your database, as you may have custom definitions that you want to keep.
After the restore, the displayed function count should be 313 for ND1 and 303 for ND1 Classic.

The main new features are:

- Email your stack with full-sized graphics; type: email
- New demo function; type: scribble
These functions are explored in a new QuickTour task #0. We recommend you do that task.

- Support for custom data types
This is a major new feature, and ND1 has already been enriched with a number of new data types. See below, and Data Types in the Reference.
Public data for the BigNum type has been posted and a ChemFormula type will post soon. These are other types are discussed in a reference document for programmers, "Custom Data Types."

- Arbitrary precision integer support
The new bignum data type permits you to see all 2600+ digits for 1000! and do feats with huge numbers. (Such as calculate "e" to any number of digits. Get the updated public APConstants folder for this.)

- New data types: URL, Code, Image
You can now type a URL and the corresponding webpage will open. You can specify $$ to insert an argument. See the googleFor example in the public Tools folder and the Functions reference.
A new image type exists for programmatic image construction. See the "The FibTriangle" tutorial.

- Extended support for types in matrices
Matrices are very powerful now. Previously they could hold other data types than numbers, now you can also operate on those.
Expressions, complex numbers, and other types are now allowed for many operations.

- Improvements to Data Sharing

- New functions (fib, gcd, lcm, alert, email, scribble, pad, image, inject; enhanced: substr, vector +, matrix ops, isRealValued, map, ...)
See Functions in the Reference section.

- Improvements to writing and editing JS functions on device
Specifically, you can now write code and retain your newlines and tabs. Also, functions are syntax-checked for you.

- Can apply any single-valued function to all elements of a vector, matrix
'sin' on a matrix, for example, applies it to all elements. See task #0 in Quick Tour for more on this.

- Optimizations (start-up time, large matrices and vectors, others)

- Redo, minor keyboard fixes
Tapping undo after an undo, does a redo.

If you're curious about Public Data, see the Public Data section here in the forums.

We hope you'll enjoy the update.
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