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1.3 Update

Postby oliver » Sun Mar 06, 2011 9:48 am

This is a big update. There are big usability enhancements, feature additions, and fixes.

IMPORTANT: Tap Definition | Restore | Restore Calculator to pick up new menus and 40+ commands

New major features:
- Shared folder downloading
- RPL language on level of hp 50g, with greater command support
- Significant function/command additions such as FFT, FACTOR(S), SORT, primes, loggamma, permutate, ...
- Blend out tab bar by re-selecting ND1 tab or shaking device; re-display with Menu key
- Help tab with documentation

UI changes:
+ Larger, sharper text on buttons
+ Without tab bar, now displaying 1-2 more stack lines (note for editing with expanded edit line: if you find yourself without Enter key, shake the device to display it)
+ Menu dialog now stays up long; tap Menu key again, for immediate dismissal
+ Short-cut to edit variable/function: tap 2nd Level, then soft-key
+ Del/Undo button now displays symbol reflecting its current action

Now supporting
+ engineering notation (ENG)
+ thousands separator in fixed mode (FIX)
+ large array viewing: tap "more" to expand; tap "less" to shrink again

Data Entry:
Can now
+ use space to separate vector and matrix elements, in addition to comma. Example: [1 2 3 4
+ enter complex numbers in vectors without quotes. Example: [(1,2)
+ use curly braces to define list/vector. Example: {1 2 3} (no auto-completion)
+ enter commands in lists/vectors
+ enter dot after number. Example: 3.

New menus:
+ Integer
+ Constants
+ new Save Stack function on pop-up menu

New functions/commands:
Integer: I->R, R->I, isPrime (ISPRIME?), primes, factors (FACTORS), factor (FACTOR), divs (DIVIS), NEXTPRIME, PREVPRIME
Array: head (HEAD), tail (TAIL), insert, removeDuplicates, remove, sort (SORT), rsort, reverse (REVLIST), shuffle, permutate, RANM, isSameType, isReal
String: head (HEAD), tail (TAIL), permutate, MD5, MSGBOX, VERSION
Complex: fft (FFT), ifft (IFFT)
Real: loggamma
Program: DOSUBS, DOLIST, MAP, STREAM, SEQ, MSG, {}, [], <<>>
Logs: coth, sech, csch, acsch, asech, acoth

New (folder downloads): automatic conversion of RPL transcode characters. Data must begin with "\<<"

New (50g compatibility):
+ support {a b c} to enter array [a,b,c]
+ all Mode menu commands per classic name (ENG, STD, FIX, SCI, DEG, RAD)

+ more complete support for basic operators applied to vectors, scalars; ADD function to add scalar to all vector elements
+ RPL execution speed (400%)
+ RPL debugging via HALT
+ STO family of calls (support local variables; switched arg/name pairs)
+ String "+", SUB, various others
+ immediate activation of an extension upon injection
+ automatic application of vector commands to matrices, in case they're not defined on matrix; broadens operators available to matrices (e.g., reverse, sort)
+ RPL programs in keys on pop-up menu now execute
+ Popup-menu keys ("@key" definitions) dismiss dialog after tap

Programming (custom types):
+ .inMatrix, .inVector (optional properties defined on object, which can be used for customized display in .toHTML())
+ toArray, fromArray (optional methods that, when implemented, let object participate in array functions)

+ Stack: redirected external link would destroy stack
+ Email dialog: would show empty bubble as first recipient
+ App-switching: on switch to app, would always select calculator, even if previously exited app on Definition or My Data page
+ UI: Skin menu would get jumbled, if navigating to another tab and back without closing out of it
+ UI: Injection text view would become inaccessible when not closing out between edits
+ Programming: recalling an /*as is*/ function would lose final "}"
+ RPL: non-boolean conditions would not evaluate correctly
+ various other minor defects

ND1 is now the first non-HP calculator that can run many hp 50g programs. It runs them significantly faster than the hp 50g and faster than an emulator on the same hardware. Benchmarks are available by downloading the "Challenges" shared folder.
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