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1.2 Update

Postby oliver » Tue Oct 05, 2010 1:55 pm

This update adds full support for iOS 4 and the following two new features:
- key clicks
- shake to hide tab bar and get bigger keys

In more detail:

iOS 4 broke multi-touch support in ND1's graph view and thereby made taking screenshots (two-finger tap) and zooming and translating graphs (two-finger pinch and drag, respectively) impossible.
Also, creating a new database folder yielded wrong folder display until the app was relaunched (which was the work-around).
These issues have been resolved with version 1.2.

In addition, the app now supports fast app switching and takes some advantage of the retina display.

Key clicks was the #1 requested feature and has been added. ND1 keys now sound like the standard iOS keyboard keys and respect the Key Clicks system setting, as well as the currently set volume.

The new shake feature hides the tab bar, which some users felt takes up considerable space. The freed up space is used to enlarge the height of the keys, making keys easier to hit.
A future update will give you more options for using the freed-up screen real estate.
To get back the tab bar back (for switching to the Database or Definition pages), simply shake your device again.

Enjoy the update and apologies for the time it took to fix the iOS 4 issues.

Another feature update will come soon, as we ready the initial release of a bigger brother to ND1 for iPad: "CalcPad."
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Re: 1.2 Update

Postby ahoffer » Wed Oct 13, 2010 11:05 am

I'm looking forward to the new release of ND1. Do you have a guess how long it might take before Apple makes it available in the App Store?

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Re: 1.2 Update

Postby oliver » Wed Oct 13, 2010 3:11 pm

Apple just released it.

Took 8 days which is a bit longer than normally but probably explained by it being the first iOS 4 version, where they apply tougher approval standards.

Slightly off-topic: Thanks for your nice review in the App Store. Let me know what UI nags other than key size (which has been addressed in 1.2; just shake the device) are bothering you. I'm committed to making this the best app I can.
(Cool proxy name, by the way!)
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