1.3.1 Update

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1.3.1 Update

Postby oliver » Thu Apr 14, 2011 12:59 am

Maintenance update.

New (50g compatibility):
- added commands: GAMMA, RANK, TRACE
- string representation of arrays now space-separated (instead of comma-separated)
- extended OBJ-> to other types (and fixed key cap)
- Classic mode: renamed data access key from USER to VAR

New functions/commands:
- input (INPUT)
- concat (Vector)

- Responsiveness of 2nd row from bottom buttons when tabs are hidden
- STR->: break into elements, ignore trailing space, stack contents after undo
- OBJ->: support more types: complex number, vector, matrix, string
- applying <<>> key when typing a program

Menu keycaps added:
- Program: CASE, "-> <<"
- Program (Classic): typeof

- Disabled spell checking in database fields
- Show Undo icon on Undo/Delete key when switching to calculator
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