1.3.5 Update

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1.3.5 Update

Postby oliver » Sun Apr 17, 2011 4:44 pm

This update introduces RPL+ (see http://naivedesign.com/ND1/ND1_Reference__RPL+.html), offers speed improvements to graphing and RPL, and contains 20+ new functions and various improvements and fixes.

Please make sure to tap Definition | Restore | Restore Calculator to pick up the menu soft-keys for the new functions.
On the Definition page, 389 functions should be reported (Classic: 392).


Data type:

Store menu:
- @var_rename (RENAME), tag (TAG), detag (DTAG)

Logs menu:
- log2, alog2

Program menu:
- FC?C, FS?C, FS?, CF, SF
- flags_recall (RCLF), flags_store (STOF)
- @repeat
- ++ (INCR), -- (DECR)

Array menu:
- find, complement, intersect

Base menu:
- bitnot

Integer menu:
- incr, decr

- mod (MOD), pow (^) involving negative, non-integer args
- TYPE now returns -1 when encountering unknown type instead of throwing error
- MAP, for programs producing other than one result
- Alt-softkey and visit now working with all types
- removeDuplicates

- setToConstant (CON) (create vector/matrix based on dimensionality of list)
- TYPE (added support for legacy type codes in custom objects)
- pow (^) now working with integer args on matrices
- custom type participation (allowing fallbacks to other types for undefined operators; permit application of real-valued functions via auto-conversion)
- names now working as args in calls such as 'PDAT' 1 GET or 'PDAT' 2 2 PUT
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