1.3.9 Update

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1.3.9 Update

Postby oliver » Thu Jun 09, 2011 4:58 am

This update is a maintenance update, containing additions and improvements.

- Numeric integration: The ∫ (integral) key now performs numeric integration, where, compatible with 50g, the following three parameters are expected: start, end, expression, name.
For example: 0 8 'cos(1/(8-x))' 'x' ∫ integrates the given formula from 0 to 8 with respect to variable x.
- Auto-expand setting: The iOS Settings app now has an Auto Expand option switch for ND1. If enabled, the calculator will expand whenever its tab is selected. This is disabled by default for consistency with prior versions, but the recommendation is to turn it on and enjoy larger keys.

- Symbolic integration: Key ∫sym has been added to the Solve menu and performs symbolic integration of a given expression through WolframAlpha™.

- Display of certain Reals which cannot be represented in IEEE-754
- Inaccessible last row in Definition or My Data tabs when calculator is expanded

- sin(), cos() and derived functions now return exact values for multiples of 90 degrees in Degrees mode (this mirrors a feature in Radians mode)
- ≪≫-key starts editing in multi-line editor
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