1.3.10 Update

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1.3.10 Update

Postby oliver » Tue Jul 19, 2011 12:42 am

If you updated, please tap Definition | Restore | Restore Calculator to pick up new commands.
The Definition page should report 426 functions.

This update is a maintenance update, containing additions and improvements.
A new feature is support for fractions.


toFraction (→Q), fromFraction, d→f, f→d, numerator, denominator, showMixed, showImproper
In addition, all basic arithmetic (+, -, /, *) and comparison (==, <=, <, etc.) operators, as well as neg, inv, sign, mod, max, min, abs, squared, incr (INCR), decr (DECR) work on fractions.
To enter a fraction, type e.g. 3/4 or 2 3/4 using the iOS keyboard, then press Enter. Don't enter the "/" using the calculator keys, as this will immediately execute the division function.

- diagonal (->DIAG), diagonals, flip, repeat, range, push, total (ΣLIST), product (ΠLIST)

- phi (Euler totient function)

- New +, -, /, * options for = assignment operator. For example, =+sum adds the topmost item on the stack to local variable "sum".

- "/" working on equally-sized vectors
- "^" working on vectors
- "split" working on numbers
- comparison operators (and SORT) working on strings

Various bug fixes, incl.
- Units SI prefixes for non-base units
- asinh((0,1)) and exponentiation of complex zero
- integration/plotting of constant functions
- potentially misrepresented integer Reals with more than 15 digits now displayed in exponential notation

Finally, ND1 adds a 4th language: Japanese, thanks to a translation graciously donated by user Nakamura-san.
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