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1.2.8 Update

Postby oliver » Thu Dec 02, 2010 12:20 pm

The v1.2.8 update has been posted. Please update.
After updating, please launch the app and do Definition | Restore | Restore Calculator to pick up new menu additions.

This is a pretty big update.

It fixes a severe problem on iPod touches. Big apology to iPod touch owners! I broke iPod touch support without even realizing. The problem had all kinds of manifestations, incl. not being able to store a variable or see digitized values, and more.

There are various UI improvements.

Returning from graphics mode is no longer a matter of knowing how to do it. The space and undo keys now change to check marks (or check mark with undo) when in graphics mode.
There's now a fullscreen button on the keypad (when in graphics mode) and a "leave fullscreen" button when in fullscreen mode.

There's a new option to have a right-aligned stack:
New stack alignment option
RightAligned.png (11.66 KiB) Viewed 5321 times

Many will want this. Go into the Settings app, find ND1, and change Stack to "Right-aligned" to enable this.

There's a new demo mode.
It shows you some of the more advanced capabilities of the calculator.
You can look at the demos already today by downloading the "Demos" folder (which received additions today).

A number of important math functions have been added: isPrime, modpow, gamma, sinc (Real+Complex), erf, and the following distributions: ChiSquareDistribution, GaussianDistribution, NormalDistribution, FisherFDistribution, StudentTDistribution (UTPC, UTPN, NDIST, UTPF, UTPT). Parameters for these are like in Mathematica™.
In addition, a new Special Functions downloadable folder is available that implements the Bessel J, Y, I, K, Y functions.

Other functions include: alertWithDelay, stopAnyGraphics.

There's a new transparent addition: variables starting with a dot (".") are now allowed and will result in being hidden (=not appear in soft menus). This is great for not cluttering a folder with worker functions and for other uses, such as hiding the .injection of an extension.

A new feature is built on hidden variables: .onenter and .onexit, if present in a folder, are automatically run whenever the folder is entered or exited, respectively. This permit auto-run-type functionality. The new Bills downloadable folder uses this to automatically wrap up and store the current stack on entering the folder, and restoring it on exiting, for example. The contents of these variables are either an RPL program or a JavaScript function.

There's new convenience functionality: store, recall, visit will now accept names that end in "()" as var names. This makes it easier to recall function definitions, which will typically have a "(" auto-appended when tapped off a soft-key on an edit line begun with the Expr/Name key ('). Until now (and on HP calcs) you had to backspace to remove this character.

There's about a dozen small fixes for minor things that could be nagging: losing sync of the current folder in response to certain actions, and others.

Something that didn't make it into this release is browsing of downloadable folders. This will follow with v1.3 still this month.
I'm excited about that feature because most users have yet to use downloading and the number of downloads is growing.
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