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1.4 Update

Postby oliver » Sat Dec 10, 2011 6:14 am

This is a big update. Here's what's new:

Algebraic input mode.
The edit line now offers two inputs modes: "rpn" (which works as before), "alg" (which works like an algebraic input line, that is, you can tap in 2+2 using the keyboard, and there's an Equals key).

Support for rectangular, polar, and spherical coordinate systems.
Set via Mode menu, these affect the display of 2- and 3-component vectors, and complex numbers. A mode indicator comes on when a non-rectangular mode is in effect.

Immediate algebraic expressions in RPL+.
Expressions can appear in RPL code without tick delimiters. They're being evaluated immediately. This permits to freely mix post-fix and in-fix notation in RPL. [Limited to Real expressions. Can also deal with other types if function/op names employed don't have polymorphism to Real (such as total([1,2,3]).]

Shake to undo/redo typing. (No longer using shake to resize calc, which was highly non-intuitive.)

Improvements to keyboard showing. (Can no longer end up without Enter key when expanding edit line while having calc expanded.)

Two new data types: ContinuedFraction and BigFloat (arbitrary-precision floating-point numbers).

50+ new commands/functions.

New functions by menu:

- @mode_rect (RECT), @mode_cylin (CYLIN), @mode_sphere (SPHERE)

- repl (REPL)
- filter, select, doUntil
- compare
- vmin, vmax, vgcd, vlcm
- last
- rem, mod
- squareFree
- powersum, rtotal, rproduct
- cproduct, combine
- rotate_left, rotate_right
- mmap

- repl (REPL), last

- toBigF, toBig, fromBig
- isInt, isFalse
- powerOf2

- xgcd
- rem, divrem, IDIV2
- ndivs, sigma
- radical
- isPowerOf2 (on Reals, Binary, BigNums), isSquare (on Reals, BigInt)

- toCF, toSqrtCF, toFraction, truncate, terms, convergent, convergents
(in addition to these, some basic operators, such as 1/x, work with continued fractions).


- tag

New for various data types:
- toNumber

- Any single-arg function can now be applied to an array (previously: only those taking a Real)
- reverse now also working on Strings and Reals
- size (SIZE) now also working on BigNums and Fractions
- permutate now also working on Reals
- matrix now permits +, -, / operators with non-matrix types
- evaluation of algebraic expressions
- shows last menu page when paging back from first page
- split on non-integer Reals
- incr, decr, isInt, isEven, working on Binary numbers
- permit comparisons and sorting of tagged objects
- OBJ-> supporting custom objects

- HMS functions
- mod
- divs, factor, factors now working with BigInts
- Fractions: allow entry of mixed numbers with whole number portion >9
- size (SIZE) on Number
- complex calculations in Degrees mode
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