Graph returns error message

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Graph returns error message

Postby bioboy » Thu Sep 01, 2011 6:27 pm

I can not create a graph (not even the tutorial). Any attempt returns an error message "@draw: Result of expression 'params[0].match' [undefined] is not a function
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Re: Graph returns error message

Postby oliver » Fri Sep 02, 2011 1:12 am

Hi bioboy,

Thank you very much for reporting. You're getting an error that you should never get, and I'd like to understand how this is coming about.

Can you please,
- ∿ (PLOT)
- draw (DRAW)
to switch to the graph menu and confirm you're still getting this message.

Then tap
- eq→ (RCEQ)
to retrieve the current equation.
It should be some mathematical expression, framed in single quotes.
The default expression in My Vars is 'sin(x)*exp(-x) = cos(2.7*x+pi)', which is what you should see.

I'm hoping yours looks like something else, and that this explains the error you're getting right there. (Though the error msg would still be wrong.)
If it *is* the default expression as shown above, then something's going fundamentally wrong on your machine.
In that case, can you please
- type "version" and Enter
and let me know the number you see, plus
- your iOS version
- HW used (iPod touch or iPhone? HW version, if known)
Thank you!

If the equation shown is not the default one, please let me know what it is. If it's malformed in any way, that would allow me to reproduce and fix the error.
Also, if so, switch over to the Demos folder by tapping
- ⊛ (VAR) twice
- Demos
(Note "Demos" being shown in the upper right now.)

And tap graph to plot the default graph in that folder.
(Its equation, obtainable via ∿ (PLOT), 'eq→ (RCEQ) is 'asinh(x)*sin(x) = 1/x'.)
If something's fundamentally wrong on your machine, you should the same error msg.

If a mistakenly malformed math expression was to blame for graphing not working in the My Vars folder, this graph should now show.
Also, in that case, you can fix your graph in My Vars, by switching back to that folder
- ⊛ (VAR) twice
- My Vars
and entering a new, valid expression.
For example, enter
- 'sin(x)'
and store as expression to graph via
- ∿ (PLOT)
- →eq (STEQ)
Then do
- draw (DRAW)
to graph it.

Either way, please let me know what you get. Thank you!
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